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What are the materials of the bearing seat?

Traditional bearing seats are made of cast iron and cast steel, with a long history of use and mature technology.


The cause of frequent damage to the bearing seat has finally been found!


As is well known, common bearings with seats are divided into vertical seats (P seats), square seats (F seats), diamond seats (FL seats), circular seats (C seats), convex circular seats (FC seats), convex square seats (FS seats), concealed hole seats (PA seats), and suspended seats (FA seats). Here are some examples to discuss the application scenarios and precautions of various bearings with seats:


Common problems and solutions for cast steel bearing seats?


Cast steel bearing seat is one of the common components in industrial production, which is usually used to support the bearings of rotating or moving machinery and ensure the stability and reliability of the machinery. However, during use, cast steel bearing pedestals may also encounter various problems that require corresponding treatment. Below, we will introduce some common problems and solutions for cast steel bearing pedestals.


10 newly added enterprises above designated size in the demonstration zone in 2022


Our News (Reporter Guo Shuxun) Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Statistics that in 2022, the demonstration zone will add 10 enterprises on the designated scale, including Jiaozuo Ruicheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Laying the Foundation and Opening a New Bureau Demonstration Zone "Ten Thousand People Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises" at the End of the Year and the Beginning of the Year "Busy"


The "Ten Thousand People Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises" activity in the demonstration zone has been normalized, and services for enterprises have been increased at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, further clearing obstacles to enterprise development.


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